About us

Hilzhai ecological manor is located in the north suburb of Meichuan, a thousand year old town in Wuxue City, Hubei Province, at the foot of Henggang mountain at the south foot of Dabie Mountain and the west of Meichuan reservoir. The manor covers a total area of about 1400 mu. It is about 20 kilometers away from the entrance and exit of Beijing Jiulong Railway and Wuhuang expressway, and the red tourist road of Dabie Mountain crosses the whole territory of the manor, so the traffic is very convenient. At present, the manor has begun to take shape. The scenic spot integrates natural scenery, flower garden, cultural landscape and leisure and entertainment. Relying on the red tourism of Dabie Mountain and surrounding Buddhist holy land, scenic spots and historic sites


There are four welcome villas in the manor, including Cuizhu villa a, B, Yulan villa and jiujiantang, which can accommodate more than 100 people at the same time. The building has complete basic facilities, elegant decoration, air conditioning, 24-hour hot water, wireless WiFi and so on. The surrounding environment is comfortable and quiet.